South Asian University, Biotech students along with Dr.A.K.R.Gobinath visited BioNEST-UDSC Facility on 19 March 2024
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Maitreyi College, University Of Delhi students along with teachers visited BioNEST-UDSC Facility on 14 March 2024
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BioNEST – UDSC has organized the ‘Hands on workshop on Basic Molecular Biology Techniques’ from 26th Feb to 1st March’24. Students participated enthusiastically…!!
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Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi along with teachers visited BioNEST-UDSC Facility on 22 Feb 2024

BioNEST – UDSC has organized the workshop on ‘Animal Cell Culture Techniques’ from 16th Feb to 18th Feb’24. Students, Research Scholars, Industrialists and Faculty members participated enthusiastically…!!#bionest #workshop #research #science #birac #bionestudsc #cellculture
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#BioNEST-UDSC congratulate our Incubatee Inte-e-Labs for Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Cohort-23 and also congratulate to all the winners.

BioNEST-UDSC is grateful to Prof. Simon Redfern (Dean) and Assoc Prof. Guillaume Thibault, (Dean International Engagement), College of Science, Nanyang Technological University Singapore and PhD students Karthick Raja (SBS) and Rahul Kumar (ASE) for their visit at BioNEST-UDSC incubation center today.
We also express our gratitude to Prof Rajeev Kaul, Assoc Prof Ram Karan and Assoc Prof Ashwini Chauhan for their presence and guidance.

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Our Incubatee ‘ Inte-e-Labs’ participated enthusiastically in India International Science Festival 2023..!! We extend our congratulations to them.

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Today (22-12-2023) BioNEST-UDSC was graced by the presence of distinguished guests. We were honored to welcome Prof. Kuo-Wei Huang, the esteemed Associate Vice President of Research at KAUST and Director of A*STAR Singapore. Alongside him were the brilliant minds of Dr. Amol Hengne, Senior Scientist at A*STAR Singapore, Dr. Anant Ghumare, President & CEO of Horizon Industries, Dr. Surapaneni Janardhana Rao MD, Satyadeeptha Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Dr. Narayan Biradar, Scientist at SSK Biosciences. Their visit marks a significant step in fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation.

Meeting was held in BioNEST-UDSC on 16 Dec 2023. Prof. Pradeep Burma, Department of Genetics, UDSC  Dr Debasisa Mohanty, National Institute of Immunology, Delhi , Prof. S.K. Khare, Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi, Prof. Chinmay K. Mukhopadhyay, SCMM, JNU, Delhi, Prof Swati Saha, Department of Microbiology, Prof Rajeev Kaul, Department of Microbiology, Prof. Y.P. Khasa, Department of Microbiology, Prof. Alo Nag, Department of Biochemistry participated in the meeting. Discussions was held on the various agendas including BioNEST-UDSC future and perspectives.

We are honored to showcase the state-of-the-art facilities of BioNEST-UDSC at Booth no F-22 at Global BioIndia 2023..!! We extend are heartful thanks to all the organizing team of BIRAC for pulling of such a phenomenal event. It is truly enriching experience for participants as well as visitors.

BioNEST - UDSC has organized 5 days workshop on 'Fermentation Technology' from 20 Nov to 24 Nov'23. Students were given hands on experience on Media Preparation, Shake Flask expression studies, SDS PAGE analysis , Product Recovery and Batch & Fed Batch Fermentation strategies. Students, Research Scholars, Industrialists and Faculty members participated enthusiastically...!!

BioNEST -UDSC successfully hosted the Global BioIndia Roadshow on 23th November 2023. The theme of GBI Roadshow 2023 is Startup Journey - Challenges and Obstacles BioNEST-UDSC. The objective was to spotlight BIRAC initiatives fostering innovation and entrepreneurship while creating awareness about the upcoming GBI 2023 event scheduled for December 4-6, 2023.
Session was chaired by three speakers Dr Chhaya Chauhan (Senior Manager, Incubation, BIRAC), Dr Shailendra Vyas (Director & CEO- Bioheaven 360 Genotac Pvt Ltd) and CA Anshul Singhal (Co Founder Startup Bazaar).
Dr. Chhaya Chauhan of DBT-BIRAC gave valuable insights about funding opportunities offered by BIRAC to Biotech start-ups. Dr. Shailendra Vyas  enlighten us about challenges one faces in their start-up journey. CA Anshul Singhal of Start-up Bazaar talk about “Startup Registration, Benefits and Commercial Aspects”. Prof Swati Saha (Coordinator - BioNEST-UDSC) gave overview of BioNEST-UDSC facility. Dr Aagosh Verma was the Moderator of the Event.
The audience comprised of enthusiastic students, entrepreneurs and intellectuals from different fields.

South Korean Delegates visited BioNEST-UDSC Facility on 16 Nov 2023..!!

Gargi College students along with teachers visited BioNEST- UDSC Facility on 6 Nov 2023

BioNEST - UDSC has organized the workshop on 'Animal Cell Culture Techniques' from 3 Nov to 05 Nov'23. Students, Research Scholars, Industrialists and Faculty members participated enthusiastically...!!

Sodhani Biotech Pvt Ltd at IKP’s Annual Conference, IKMC 2023 - Shaping the Possible: Making a Positive Impact in the Anthropocene ✨

Bioheaven 360genotec Pvt Ltd at IKP’s Annual Conference, IKMC 2023 - Shaping the Possible: Making a Positive Impact in the Anthropocene ✨

We are grateful to Dr Nem Singh from South Korea for visiting the BioNEST -UDSC facility on 9 Apr 2024. Thank you for your time, appreciation and encouraging ideas. We thank Dr Ram Karan for arranging the visit and for his enthusiastic support.

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Industrial visits help students to visualize real work station and their working. It's an opportunity for students to see and experience real fermenter plants, machines, systems, assembly lines, and interact with highly experienced personnel like Prof. Khasa. BioNEST-UDSC conduct various industrial visits and training programs on regular basis.

In this sequence Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Science enthusiastic Students visited BioNEST-UDSC facility on 15 Apr 2024. BioNEST-UDSC

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PCR and RT-PCR workshop was organized by BioNEST-UDSC on 26-27 April 2024. The participants learned the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of techniques like PCR, Agarose Gel electrophoresis, analysis of gene expression by RT-PCR etc. under guidance of Prof Swati Saha. Esteemed faculties of Department of Microbiology interacted with the participants and the overall response was enthusiastic and overwhelming.

BioNEST-UDSC conducts such workshops on regular intervals to educate, create awareness and provide hands on experience to students. BioNEST UDSC #microbiology #udsc #biotechnology #workshops #BioNEST-UDSC #BIRAC #DBT-BIRAC #entrepreneur #research #science #PCR #RTPCR #Universityofdelhi